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Email Price Quotes
Instant, accurate quotes delivered
Multi-Step Quote
Advanced multi-stage quote system
Pricing Flexibility
Configurations for any pricing model
Simple visual lead status
Web Standards
Cross-browser compatibility
Website Integration
Simple setup with a customized look
Venue Selection
Venue photos, mileage, and options
Online Bookings
Integrated PayPal Payments
Email Price Quotes. Instant, accurate quotes delivered.

The Siteomite.com InstantQuote system is designed to provide your business with high quality leads while providing your customers with instant, accurate information. By delivering quotes via email, your customers must provide a valid email address to receive their quote. This prevents abuse of your website and pricing information and increases the quality of the leads you receive. Of course, in today’s environment, even legitimate email (like the opt-in quotes that the Siteomite.com system generates) can get blocked by overly-aggressive junk mail filters.

That’s why the Siteomite.com InstantQuote system implements state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that your prospects’ quotes are delivered directly to their Inbox instead of their Junk mail. For example, all e-mail quotes coming from the Siteomite.com domain are authenticated with DKIM and DomainKeys and our mail servers are configured with SenderID/SPF. In case you’re not a hard-core geek type, that basically means that we’ve implemented the same techniques and standards that many of the internet’s largest email providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, MSN) are using to curb e-mail spam.

At Siteomite.com, one of our biggest concerns is to make sure that your prospective customers get their quotes as quickly and reliably as possible. That's why we've implemented the best available technology and why we’re committed to keeping it that way in the future.

Of course, you would rather have quotes come directly from your own email servers, we also offer that option too. In either case, the Siteomite.com InstantQuote system is designed to offer the best possible value for you and your customers.

Multi-Step Quote. Advanced multi-stage quote system.

Customers want simple. Overwhelm a potential customer with unclear or irrelevant information and they may leave your website for good. With the InstantQuote system, every customer is presented with a contextual, multi-stage quote process that is dynamically generated to show only relevant information. In other words, if your prospect is shopping for wedding services, they only be presented with the systems and/or packages that are relevant to their event.

Additionally, the InstantQuote system is designed to collect your prospect’s personal information after a user has selected their options, but prior to receiving their quote. This design gives the user an incentive to provide their personal details without the deterring customers from starting the quote process. As a result, the InstantQuote system generates high-quality, sale-ready prospects.

Pricing Flexibility. Configurations to fit any pricing structure.

The InstantQuote system has been designed from the ground up for flexible implementation. The InstantQuote system can provide accurate quotes whether your pricing is flat-rate (e.g. “unlimited”) or hourly. In fact, the InstantQuote system even supports advanced flexible-hourly pricing (e.g. the hourly rate for two hours of service is different than the hourly rate on four hours of service) for the most demanding price structures. In addition, InstantQuote supports service add-ons and flexible mileage/travel rates. In short, the InstantQuote system has been designed to work with your existing pricing structure instead of the other way around.

LeadRead. Quick and simple email delivery verification.

The Siteomite.com InstantQuote system uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure consistent delivery of your quotes to your customers. However, in a time where incorrectly-configured or overly-aggressive Junk-mail filters can prevent even legitimate email from reaching your customers, it’s nice to know that your quotes are being seen. With LeadRead, you’ll know exactly when a customer requested a quote and whether or not they viewed that quote through a simple status graphic. You can even tell if the customer attempted to reserve their date online. See the details below:

View unconfirmed
LeadRead verified
Online booking click

Note: In order to maintain compatibility for the largest number of users, LeadRead may not record certain views even though the quote was viewed. However, if LeadRead displays that the quote has been viewed or that a client clicked through to reserve online, you can be assured that this information is accurate.

Web Standards Compliant. Cross-browser compatibility .

Confusing, proprietary technologies only serve to alienate visitors to your website. This is especially true when you're selling a service or product. If a visitor to your site can't use your site because they're using a computer platform your site doesn't support or they're required to install a browser plug-in, chances are that they'll simply leave your site and shop a competitor's site instead.

The InstantQuote system is based on standards compliant technologies. In other words, the InstantQuote system is accessible to any prospective customer browsing your site with a relatively recent web browser--including Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. No proprietary plugins or platform specific software is required. The InstantQuote system simple and seamless for you and your prospects.

Website Integration. Simple setup with a customized look.

The look and feel of the InstantQuote system can be completely customized to match the look-and-feel of your existing site. The InstantQuote system is built with standard CSS. In other words, nearly every aspect of the interface that is displayed on your website can be modified with just a few lines of code. Of course, if you're not the technical type, our built in template is clean and professional, and just a copy and paste away.

Venue Selection. Venue photos, mileage, and options.

Our exclusive venues feature in the InstantQuote system is another way you can provide useful information to your customers while gaining more useful customer information. The venues step is an optional stage in the quote which allows additions of custom venues (including your own photos) allowing your customers to choose their particular venue, not just a city or distance. What's more, when the customer runs a quote, their mileage is automatically calculated based on the venue mileage you entered.

This gives your customers the accurate price quote information they need while having the opportunity to see your setup in their venue (or whatever photo you choose). In return, you are provided with accurate lead data including the customer's specific venue, rather than just a city or no data at all. This gives you the power to approach the sale completely prepared.

Online Bookings. Integrated PayPal Payments.

The InstantQuote system has been designed from the ground up as a powerful sales tool to help deliver valuable information to your customers while increasing your bookings and revenues. That's why the InstantQuote system doesn't stop short by just offering pricing to your customers, we help you take the sale to the end. Our integrated PayPal payments feature allows your customers to reserve their event date directly through their quote email. One click is all it takes to turn a lead in to a booking, with no extra effort on your part!

Why risk loosing a sale through conventional sales methods? Give customers exactly what they want--the ability to check their date availability, get accurate pricing information, and reserve their event all online in a matter of minutes. What's more, our system is integrated with PayPal, the world's most popular online payment processor to ensure safe and secure transactions. Once your customer completes the payment, you receive a payment notification and the funds, that's it!

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